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Is your smile ready for the busy holiday season? October is here, and Halloween is getting us off and running. We want to help you have a dazzling, confident smile as you engage in the upcoming holiday festivities. Dr. Tiffany Teegarden is pleased to offer whitening treatments that dissolve built-up stains and discoloration on your pearly whites.

At Truman Village Dental in Independence, Missouri, our whitening treatments for your smile can help restore your pearly whites to a healthy luster. We offer at-home custom whitening trays, crafted in our dental office in only one or two days. To whiten your teeth, you will wear your custom tray, filled with our whitening gel, over your teeth as prescribed and directed by our dentist. Typically, we recommend wearing your teeth whitening trays for a couple of hours each day or overnight over the course of several weeks.

You may be wondering just why your teeth lose their brightness even when you take excellent care of them on a daily basis, and stay current on your professional teeth cleanings. Well, aging is just one factor that affects tooth whiteness over time, but the foods you habitually eat (or drink) can affect your teeth as well.

If you regularly enjoy tea and coffee, tomato sauce and berries, these can stain healthy teeth with time. If you smoke or chew tobacco, or take over-the-counter or prescription drugs like antihistamines, antipsychotics or high blood pressure medications, any of these can affect your tooth enamel’s whiteness.

We are excited to help you prepare for your most confident smile. To get your whitening treatment started, please give our Truman Village Dental team a call at 816-569-9800 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Tiffany Teegarden and the rest of our team in Independence, Missouri are happy to help you find the right teeth whitening option for your dazzling smile!