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Did you know that your tooth enamel, while it may be the strongest material in your body, is vulnerable to erosion? This tough, outer layer of the tooth protects the dentin layer (bonelike material) beneath it. When enamel wears away, it can expose the dentin and leave your pearly whites susceptible to bacteria and plaque, leading to cavities if left untreated.

You may be experiencing the effects of enamel erosion if you find yourself with the following: cracked or rounded teeth, transparent teeth, tooth sensitivity, or tooth discoloration. 

So what can cause your enamel to erode, and is there anything you can do to prevent this from occurring? The main culprit in tooth erosion is acid, which attacks the teeth and dissolves tooth enamel. This means the drinks you expose your teeth to play a large part in wearing away tooth enamel.

This includes all carbonated drinks, even those considered “diet” drinks because they have a high level of acid. Wine is another acidic drink, whether rosé, white or red, all soften tooth enamel. And what about fruit juice? Yes, you guessed it, the acids in lemon juice, cranberry or orange juice, and even apple juice can cause enamel erosion.

Another way for acid to erode enamel comes from your stomach acid when it comes up and in contact with your pearly whites. This may occur if you are pregnant or have an eating disorder where you vomit regularly, you can harm your enamel. Another condition that brings stomach acid up to the mouth is severe acid reflux.

To protect tooth enamel from erosion, consume acidic products with meals or limit their consumption. If you drink acidic beverages regularly, trying using a straw to limit contact.

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