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Did you know that Dr. Mark Jensen is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA)? This is the largest dental organization in the United States with over 161,000 members. When Dr. Mark Jensen joined the ADA, she signed the Code of Ethics. This is all about how well she treats you as a patient. Here’s the breakdown:

– Respect a Patient’s Needs and Desires: Did you know that you have a right to make decisions about your treatment? Dr. Mark Jensen will do her best to respect your wishes when choosing the right course of treatment for your mouth.

– Do No Harm: Dr. Tiffany Teegarden has promised to keep you safe and healthy. This means taking continuing education courses in order to staying up to date on the latest and safest treatments as well as referring you to specialists when needed.

– Do Good: This means that Dr. Tiffany Teegarden has pledged to provide high-quality and timely treatment.

– Be Fair: Dr. Tiffany Teegarden strives to treat all her patients equally regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, health conditions, or social class.

– Be Truthful: Your dentist will be honest with you about any diagnoses or treatment plans.

These pledges can help reassure you that Dr. Tiffany Teegarden and our caring staff at Truman Village Dental really want to make a difference in the quality of your teeth and your life. You can trust us to do what is best for you as well as educate you and involve you in the treatment of your teeth. If you are living in or near Independence, Missouri and are concerned about your teeth, give us a call at 816-569-9800 for a consultation. We’re here to help!