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Acute bad breath from eating a meal rich with garlic, onions, or other odoriferous foods can often be remedied by brushing, and flossing your teeth, followed by a vigorous rinse with antiseptic mouthwash.

Yet it is also worth noting that chronic bad breath can often be an indicator of a more significant oral health problem. This could include developing a periodontal disease or another less obvious medical condition.

If you’ve been struggling to identify the source of your chronic bad breath problems, you should consider scheduling a checkup with a dentist like Dr. Tiffany Teegarden. This can help determine the underlying cause while developing a strategy to treat or at least remediate your bad breath problems.

Chronic dry mouth is one of the more common causes of chronic bad breath. This could be a side effect of a prescription medication. Dehydration issues from regular alcohol consumption or tobacco use can also be a contributing factor. In any of these cases, you might want to talk to your primary physician to help find an acceptable solution.

A health condition involving the kidneys or liver can also contribute to chronic bad breath. At the same time, a mild sweet odor in your mouth could also be a sign of undiagnosed diabetes.

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