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Do you experience discomfort in your teeth when you breathe in cold air or take a sip of a hot beverage? If so, you may be experiencing a form of tooth sensitivity, which is a very common dental condition that we see with many patients. Our dentist and team can help you avoid and treat tooth sensitivity by providing a brief explanation of this condition.

Inside of the dentin–the inner layer of your teeth under the tooth enamel–are tiny tubes that transfer fluid to the nerves. You may experience irritation in your tooth nerves when the fluid moves inside the tubes. Normally the hard layer of enamel on your teeth protects your dentin, but dental problems such as gum recession or worn-down tooth enamel can expose the tubules. Factors that can wear down your tooth enamel and gums include brushing your teeth too hard and exposing your teeth to harmful acids from citrus juice, soda, and health conditions such as acid reflux or bulimia.

Once they become exposed, you are vulnerable to discomfort when consuming cold or hot foods, exposing your teeth to chilly air, or touching your teeth.

You can reduce tooth sensitivity with the following practices:

— Brush with a desensitizing toothpaste
— Receiving dental sealants
— Fluoride treatment
— Reducing your intake of soda and acidic foods
— Using a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth

If you are currently suffering from the effects of tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to come see our dentist, Dr. Tiffany Teegarden, to determine the cause. Call 816-569-9800 today to schedule an appointment at Truman Village Dental in Independence, Missouri, if you suspect anything may be amiss in your smile. We are committed to helping you care for your oral health.