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Starting good habits and dropping bad habits can be difficult for some people. The more you become habituated to a good routine the easier it becomes to be consistent. One of most beneficial habits to start is oral hygiene maintenance.

A myriad of dubious dental health issues can be eliminated by engaging in good oral hygiene every day. The following are some healthy habits that will produce healthy teeth.

Daily Adherence to Brushing and Flossing

At a minimum, brushing 2x per day with a soft-bristled toothbrush using toothpaste containing fluoride is a beneficial practice. Gently clean the gumline where plaque builds up to clean food and bacteria from your teeth. In addition to that, flossing once a day gets to the places your brushing misses. Also, buy a new toothbrush when the bristles fray.

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating more fruits and vegetables is always a good idea. Foods and drink that contain unhealthy quantities of sugar or starches are a bad idea. Eating healthy not only aids in maintaining a proper weight, but it also increases saliva production which defends against tooth decay.

Regular Dental Visits

Detecting dental problems before they become complicated is critical. So, be sure to visit your dentist for frequent professional cleanings and check-ups. The acceptable time between visits should be no longer than 6 months.  

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Research says that chronic alcoholism is related to cancer of the mouth and throat. If you drink heavily, seek balance and limit your consumption.

Eliminate Tobacco Products

Several types of oral and throat cancer are traced to the use of any type of tobacco product: cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco can also cause periodontal (gum) disease

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