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Did you know that you cannot get tartar off your teeth by brushing and flossing alone? Nope. Tartar, which is also known as dental calculus, is a lot like cement once it hardens. It’s made up of plaque build-up that has sat on your teeth for around 48-hours. Without a good toothbrushing and floss, which could easily remove the plaque while it’s just a mixture of muck, it turns into a nigh invulnerable plaster. Now, it can only be removed entirely by a dental hygienist with serious dental implements.

Tartar can also pose cosmetic problems. Not only does tartar remain on the teeth until you see the dentist, now it becomes a place where more plaque can take hold. Because tartar is porous, it can easily absorb stains. Drinking colored beverages like coffee and tea will darken the tartar and become readily visible when you smile. Smoking and tobacco use will make it even worse. Don’t let that happen!

Book an appointment for a good cleaning first thing. Our friendly dental hygienist will escort you to a comfortable chair where the task of removing tartar will be carried out professionally and carefully. Using specialized dental tools called scalers, curvettes, and polishers, we can eliminate the tartar and give your teeth a slippery surface so that it is much harder for plaque to adhere to the tooth. This should be carried out every six months for optimal benefit.

If you haven’t been in to visit the dentist for more than six months … What were you thinking?!! Make an appointment right away with Drs. Turnbow and Jensen and our helpful team at Truman Village Dental. Call us at: 816-569-9800, or come by our office in Independence, Missouri.