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Composite dental fillings, also sometimes called tooth-colored or white fillings, are widely utilized to repair teeth with mild decay or fractures. When a tooth has a cavity, our dentist will likely recommend a white dental filling. Our composite fillings are an effective choice to restore your smile to natural appearance and function. White fillings consist of a material called composite resin, which we carefully match to your original tooth color. This helps us to provide a filling that blends in beautifully with the surrounding teeth. The composite resin also bonds with the remaining tooth, providing strength to the tooth and helping the restoration remain strong for many years to come. If a filling becomes chipped or damaged over the years, we are happy to repair the restoration and take care of your smile!

At Dr. Mark Jensen’s dental office, we feature composite fillings only, regardless of insurance fees; the fantastic health benefits and stunning results of using white fillings form an important part of our high standard of care. Besides restoring decayed and cracked teeth, we can also utilize composite fillings to replace silver or mercury fillings, which can become damaged or unhealthy. We invite you to contact Truman Village Dental today at 816-569-9800 to learn more about our composite dental fillings in Independence, Missouri!