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A root canal is a treatment that is performed on a tooth that has been damaged or infected in order to restore it without requiring extraction. Root canal therapy is recommended when decay leads to extensive damage to the tooth’s structure that cannot be fixed with a filling or crown alone. Dr. Mark Jensen might recommend a root canal to treat your tooth if it is suffering from:

  • An abscess or infection in the tooth
  • Decay within the tooth’s pulp
  • Substantial injury or trauma

Root canal treatment is effective for treating these conditions that, without modern technology, would likely have necessitated the tooth’s extraction. With a root canal in Independence, Missouri, our experienced dentist will improve the tooth’s health and avoid the need for tooth extraction. The root canal procedure involves removing the infected or dead dental pulp in the tooth and filling it to strengthen the tooth and restore functionality. In many cases, a dental crown or other restoration is also needed to restore the tooth to optimal structure and strength. With the benefits of modern anesthesia, you can rest assured that the treatment process will be as painless and comfortable as possible.

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