Tartar: Yellow Cement on Your Teeth

Did you know that you cannot get tartar off your teeth by brushing and flossing alone? Nope. Tartar, which is also known as dental calculus, is a lot like cement once it hardens. It’s made up of plaque build-up that has sat on your teeth for around 48-hours. Without a good toothbrushing and floss, which… Read more »

Unaddressed Dental Attrition Could Cause Significant Complications

The alignment of your teeth is an important factor in your efficient oral function. Sometimes an unaddressed malocclusion, overcrowded teeth or misaligned teeth can cause one tooth to wear excessively on the tooth enamel of another. As time goes on this could cause the tooth enamel to gradually wear away. If it goes unnoticed or… Read more »

Your Child’s Troubled Teeth Can Be Shielded With Dental Sealants

Did you know that the tough substance that covers your teeth is called tooth enamel? While tooth enamel naturally fortifies itself, it’s still susceptible to tooth decay and needs your help to effectively prevent cavities in the teeth. If you have a child whose back teeth are susceptible to cavities, dental sealants can help shield… Read more »

Health Conditions that Cause Bleeding Gums

Daily oral care habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth and gums are vital to maintaining the health of your smile. Along with caring for your teeth, we urge you to maintain the health of gums in order to perform functions such as cushioning and supporting the teeth. If you have bleeding gums, you… Read more »

Oral Hygiene Habits for Healthy Teeth

Starting good habits and dropping bad habits can be difficult for some people. The more you become habituated to a good routine the easier it becomes to be consistent. One of most beneficial habits to start is oral hygiene maintenance. A myriad of dubious dental health issues can be eliminated by engaging in good oral… Read more »

Why Should I Whiten My Smile?

There are many good reasons to get your teeth whitened. Here are some of our top reasons to whiten your smile today! Having an appearance you can be proud of is a major boost of confidence, and a bright-white smile is a great place to start! We tend to equate a whiter smile with a… Read more »

A Brief Explanation of Tooth Sensitivity

Do you experience discomfort in your teeth when you breathe in cold air or take a sip of a hot beverage? If so, you may be experiencing a form of tooth sensitivity, which is a very common dental condition that we see with many patients. Our dentist and team can help you avoid and treat… Read more »

Correcting Misconceptions About Root Canals

There are many misconceptions floating around about root canal therapy. Many of these misconceptions are negative, so our dentists and team are more than happy to set the record straight. Myth: Root canals are painful. Many people associate root canal therapy with pain and discomfort. This pain actually comes because of an infection of the… Read more »

Maintain a Happy Smile with Composite Dental Fillings

Happy holidays! With the coming of a festive season, now is a great time to visit your dentist to set plans in place to ensure your oral health care has the best chance of success. However, cavities as always remains a giant risk to the health and condition of your teeth. If you should suffer… Read more »

A Fracture on the Biting Surface of a Tooth Can be Treated in Different Ways

Sometimes the excessive force of chronic night grinding or a bad habit of crunching ice can apply enough force to the biting surface of a molar or premolar to fracture the tooth enamel. Even if you don’t experience any initial discomfort or sensitivity, you might still want to have the tooth examined and repaired before… Read more »